The digital avatar of a Rostov-on-don, Russia, extraordinary dog was sold for 27 thousand dollars!


An NFT of Pixel Crypto Dog, which depicts the dog of Rostov-on-don media producer Sergei Pimenov, was sold for the equivalent of $27,700 in cryptocurrency.

NFT is a digital cryptographic certificate, which confirms the right to own a digital asset. The author of the image is the Moscow artist Konstantin Danilov – all the funds will go to him

The auction on the platform Rarible went on for two weeks and ended on Tuesday evening, the 4th of August.
“We don’t know who exactly purchased the image. But this person has received the exclusive rights to distribute it, ” said Sergei Pimenov

At the moment a cyberpunk sci-fi series about the Pixel is currently in production.

Pixel is a real dog, a famous Boston terrier.
All Russian media have written about him before – Pixel ran for a municipal deputy in 2020, but he didn’t stop there, and this year Super Dog Pixel is running for the State Duma.